Billie Eilish @ Kesselhaus, Berlin, 10.02.19

On February 10th I got the amazing opportunity to take pictures of Billie Eilish. Her “1 by 1”-Tour started of at Kesselhaus in Berlin. Maybe some of you are unfamiliar with her name since she has nothing to do with the metal scene that I usually write about, but there are a few artists in her genre that I enjoy, her being one of them.

Billie’s brother Finneas started the show. He also performs with her during her set vocally and musically, but he has also recently become his own “brand name” hence why he’s being support. He's got a very clear beautiful voice and he knows how to use it. Some of his songs were quiet and chill, others were a little more fun to dance to, what he also did. Fans obviously knew him and sang along. Next up were Earthgang. Their music is hip hop mixed with a little bit of reggae, not my thing but the crowd seemed to really like them. EG interacted a lot with them and the fans kept chanting “EARTHGANG”. 
Then the seventeen year old popstar Billie Eilish came on stage and the whole room went nuts. She has a lot of very young fans (mostly 14-16) and the only thing you could hear for a moment was hysterical screaming. I felt a little overwhelmed with the situation since I’m not used to fangroups like that, but it’s part of her shows I guess. Billie is getting more famous with every second and there’s a reason for it. She’s talented. That’s one word to describe her. On stage was a huge Spider figure that she appeared on top of and with the first couple of notes she sang I knew, she really sounds like she does on the record. Billie put on a great performance, danced around, hopped from left to right, touched fans hands, and so on… The fans definitely enjoyed the concert a lot, but I have to say that I think her show’s aren’t really for adults. Sometimes you couldn’t even hear her voice because there was so much screaming which I thought was a little sad but what can you do. Regardless to that, I would love to see her again when she comes back to Germany. 

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography



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